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Explosive Ordnance Seminar
Budva, Montenegro

24-26 May 2022

EOD operations are still taking place across the Balkan states and there is a collective focus on making the region mine free as soon as possible to allow for citizens to live freely without the threat of activating a mine.

Mines are being found in cities, towns, villages, undersea, forests, roadsides and many other areas. This has led to an increase in activities to clear many minefields in the region. However, with the recent global pandemic donors and humanitarian support is becoming harder to find. This has led to an importance in nations sharing lessons learnt and operational challenges they have faced.

Many IGOs and NGOs are working tirelessly to clear the minefields in the region and there is a key importance on international cooperation in making the region mine clear by 2025.

Technology in EOD operations are also evolving with many new solutions being adopted to clear mines to help lower casualties. Solutions such as robotics and drones are now being used to assist with clearing mine sites especially in areas where it is difficult to detect mines.

Our 2021 show attracted around 80 high level officials who represented 21 nations over the 3-day event. You will have the chance to network with the same high-level participants once again in Budva, Montenegro on the 24th – 26th May 2022. The event is officially supported by the Ministry of Interior in Montenegro who will also be conducting a live demonstration on the final day of the event.

To be part of our Explosive Ordnance Seminar in Budva, Montenegro on the 24th – 26th May 2022 either as a speaker, sponsor or delegate please contact us at or +44 (0)1582 346 706.

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Official Supporting Partners

  • Colonel David Martinek, Director, NATO Joint CBRN Centre of Excellence
  • Colonel Jurgen Schlechter, Commander, CBRN Center, Ministry of Defence, Austria
  • Colonel Wolfgang Reich, Deputy Director, NATO Joint CBRN Centre of Excellence
  • Colonel Vratislav Osvald, Chief Cluster Support Cell, FNC Cluster CBRN Protection, Bundeswehr
  • Josef Orel, President, Oritest Group
  • Andreas Buehler, Managing Director, Oritest Group
    Lieutenant Colonel Herman de Haan, Commander Defense CBRN Centre, Ministry of Defence, Netherlands
  • Lieutenant Colonel Steve Jacobsen, Head of International Cooperation, Standardization and Doctrines Branch, CBRN Defence Command, Bundeswehr
  • Lieutenant Colonel Juergen Pirolt, Director of the European Centre for Manual Neutralisation Capabilities, European Defence Agency (EDA)
  • Steven Pike, Managing Director, Argon Electronics
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jiří Matějka, Head of Chemical Service, General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service, Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic
  • Police Lieutenant Colonel Nandor Kocsis, Head of CBRN Department, Counter Terrorism Centre, Hungary
  • Christopher Poole, WeC Regional Manager Eurasia, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  • Dr. Laura Cochrane, Director, Medical and Clinical Affairs, Emergent BioSolutions
  • Emmanuel Delsart, Sales and Marketing Director, Proengin
  • Tomáš Dropa, Director, National Institute for NBC Protection, Czech Republic
  • Major Christophe Vincart, CBRN SME for the General Staff, Strategy Department, Ministry of Defence, Belgium
  • Major Perry Read, Deputy Commander, Colorado CBRNe Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP), U.S. Army
  • Professor David Crouch, Global Subject Matter Expert – Application Engineering (Defence & Public Safety), 3M
  • Lyudmila Simeonova, Head of CBRN Department, Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate, Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria
  • Alan Cordwell, Head of Group Emergency Planning, Resilience & Response Unit, NHS
  • Captain Michal Setnicka, HazMat Response Team, Fire Rescue Services, Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Bulent Tudes, Consultant, Cristanini
  • Gonçalo Simões, Head of CBRN & Explosives Team, Europol
  • Zoran Sandev, Specialised Officer, Bioterrorism Prevention Unit, Interpol
  • Professor Roberto Mugavero, President, OSDIFE
  • Dr. Steve Photiou, Emergency Physician & Director of Emergency Planning, Emergency Dept., Hospital of Montebelluna (TV), Italy
  • Jon Hall QFSM, Founder and CEO, Resilience Advisors Network
  • Dr. Jozef Sabol, Head of Department of Crisis Management, Police Academy, Czech Republic


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