Global Security Conferences and Exhibitions

Our Mission

Intelligence-Sec is a fully integrated Conferences and Exhibitions Company managing and producing topical events for the security industry. Our mission is to become the most recognisable and well respected events company within the security sector.

All our global events are well researched and discussed with industry experts. Intelligence-Sec's main objective is to ensure that all our attendees gain the best value for money when they participate in one of our events. We endeavour to provide extensive networking opportunities throughout our events to make sure attendees have the chance to speak with industry experts alike.


Forthcoming Events

  • 31st
    Border Management & Technologies Summit 2017
    London, United Kingdom

    Many European nations are focusing their attention on securing their borders and amending current immigration policies. With the influx of many migrants entering the EU there is a greater need to address the issues surrounding the European Union's border policies and strategies. There is also been developments in nations adopting PNR/API systems to help monitoring travellers in and out of their country.

  • 5th
    Cyber Intelligence Europe 2017
    Bucharest, Romania

    Cyber Security is continuing to be a major concern for many European governments and the threat is becoming greater each year. Cyber Intelligence Europe will provide in-depth case studies of recent threats and attacks faced to government infrastructures.

  • 25th
    City Innovation Europe
    Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

    European cities are embracing the smart city concept with many now classified as a “smart city”. Local councils are now focussing resources on creating efficient, eco, safe and smart cities to adapt to pace and life of society now. Milton Keynes is currently in the process of developing their smart city concept.

  • 7th
    Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia 2017
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Asian nations are continuing to develop their borders and create the most efficient immigration processes at airports. Many of the regions border security agencies are working hard to improve security on their borders from illegal migration to cross-border organised crimes. Airports in the region are improving passenger experiences to make immigration processes as smooth and hassle free as possible.