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Hypersonic Defense 2023
Huntsville, AL, USA

07-08 November 2023

Hypersonic Defense is becoming a key issue for many governments around the world, especially with hypersonic weapons being threatened to be used in the battlefield. This makes the development of hypersonic defense systems pivotal.

The U.S. is leading the way amongst NATO members to develop hypersonic capabilities for offensive and defensive scenarios. The U.S. are leading the way with simulations, testing and understanding the glide path and strike opportunities.

During the 2-day Hypersonic Defence conference and exhibition we will look at the current ballistic missile defence capabilities of leading nations and the importance to fast track modernisation of the current systems. The event will also review the testing requirements, simulation and research of hypersonic warheads, international cooperation and public-private collaborations.

To be part of our Hypersonic Defense conference and exhibition either as a sponsor, exhibitor, speaker or delegate please contact us on or +44 1582 346 706.

  • Dr. James Weber, Principal Director for Hypersonics, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
  • Dr. Keith Krapels, Director, Technical Center, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
  • Brigadier General Derek O’Malley, Deputy Director of Operations, North American Aerospace Defense Command
  • Radoslava Stefanova, Head, Integrated Air and Missile Defence Section, NATO
  • Colonel Arnaud Bouilland, Joint Staff, CAPA Branch and Head of IAMDS, Ministry of Defence, France
  • Jeffrey Boulware, Technical Director, Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (JIAMDO)
  • Dr. Thomas Karako, Senior Fellow, Director, Missile Defence Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
  • Dr. Nathan Tichenor, Director of Hypersonic Facilities, Bush Combat Development Complex, Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Phillip Ligrani, Eminent Scholar in Propulsion, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Alabama Huntsville, USA
  • Dr. Iain D. Boyd, Director of the Center for National Security Initiatives and Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado
  • Senior Representative, Director, U.S. Missile Defense Agency


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